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This article is a synopsis of the various laws and acts relating to disabilities as prevalent in India. This article states the author’s understanding of the laws but is not an extract from any of the Acts passed to enforce these laws. Further, the opinions if any, mentioned in the article are that of the author, and are not necessarily supported by the owners of the site or by anybody acting on their behalf. The user is advised to consult a lawyer or advocate before taking any actions based on statements made in the article.
Introduction and Inclusions

India to uphold the principles of equality for all individuals enshrined in its constitution has enacted different laws to protect the rights of disabled individuals
In general, the term “Disability” covers

  • Blindness/Low Vision
  • Hearing impairment
  • Loco motor Disability
  • Mental Retardation
  • Mental illness

The term “Person with Disability” is used to indicate an individual who suffers from not less than 40% of any of the disabilities above, as certified by a Medical Authority.

Some Major Acts covering Persons with Disability

Thrust Areas of Persons With Disabilities Act

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