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What are Development Disabilities:

  • Developmental disability is a set of usually life-long disabilities which arises due to either mental or physical handicaps or both These disabilities commonly affect daily functioning in different area like learning, mobility, self-care, language, independent living.
  • Developmental disabilities include mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome.
  • “Developmental disability” is often called “Learning Disability” in the United Kingdom, and “Intellectual disability” in Australia, Europe, Canada and elsewhere.
  • Developmental disabilities could be severe, profound, moderate or mild depending on the extent of the affected individual’s need for supports.

Causes of Developmental Disabilities :

  • There are many social, environmental and physical causes of developmental disabilities, although for some a definitive cause may never be determined

  Management of Developmental Disabilities:

  • While there is no cure for the range of  developmental disabilities, various kinds of therapies such as occupational therapy, exercises for gross and fine motor skills, physiotherapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapies can be used to manage and treat the symptoms.
  • Individuals with most developmental disabilities can be helped to live independent lives with outside support through these interventions.Â

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