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What is LD

  • While there is no clear definition of “learning disabilities”, in general, the learning disabled have difficulties with academic achievement. Discrepancies exist between a person’s potential for learning and what he actually learns. Therefore, children with LD often show  an uneven pattern of development in the areas of language development, physical development, academic development .
  • Learning problems are not due to environmental disadvantages or due to  mental retardation or emotional disturbance.
  • Learning Disabilities cover a large gamut of disabilities including Reading disability Writing disability Math disability  Nonverbal learning disability Dyspraxia  etc.

Causes of LD

While the causes of LD are not very clear, in general, there are some common manifestations of LD :

  • Some children develop and mature at a slower rate than others in the same age group. As a result, they may not be able to do the expected school work.
  • Some children with normal vision and hearing may misinterpret everyday sights and sounds because of some unexplained disorder of the nervous system.
  •  Injuries before birth or in early childhood probably account for some later learning problems. 
  •  Children born prematurely and children who had medical problems soon after birth sometimes have learning disabilities. 
  •  Learning disabilities tend to run in families, so some learning disabilities may be inherited.

 Management of LD

  •  Although the underlying specific disability is usually considered to be a lifelong disorder, academic skills themselves can be improved with interventions.
  • Specialized instructions and practice helps the child to cope. Usually interventions would be highly structured and  intensive with tailor made lesson plans and frequent assessments of progress.

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