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What is Mental Retardation

  • Mental retardation is a condition that includes below-average general intellectual function, and a lack of the skills necessary for daily living. In this condition there is delay or deficiency – global and noticeable – in all aspects of development-  of motor, cognitive, social, and language functions. This is the commonest form of developmental disability. In many ways, mental retardation is also representative of developmental disabilities in general, in its causation, nature, and care.
  • In children with mental retardation, it will be seen that  motor skills, language skills, and self-help skills do not seem to be developing, or are developing at a far slower rate than the child’s peers

Causes of Mental  Retardation

  •  Some of the common causes of mental retardation include Infections like Meningitis or HUV, Chromosomal abnormalities , Genetic abnormalities and inherited metabolic disorders malnutrition, Lack of oxygen to the brain before, during, or after birth, Severe head injury.
  • However, a specific reason is found only in about 25% of the cases and the causes in the balance cases remain unexplained.

 Management of Mental Retardation

  •  Treatment of mental retardation involves developing an individualized plan based upon the child’s skills and needs. Early intervention programs are available in many areas to assess the needs of mentally retarded children under the age of three and provide treatment
  •   Most families with a mentally retarded child benefit from family therapy and support groups that help the family cope with the day-to-day demands of raising a child with special needs. Mentally retarded children benefit from occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and development of life skills that will aid them in functioning independently or semi-independently as adults. While there are exceptions, most mentally retarded children will thrive in a loving home environment.

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